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Jonathan Wheat jwheat at ybn.com
Thu Jul 19 15:38:30 CEST 2001


Sorry to bother you all with this stupid newbie question.  We currently use Vignette so I'm anxious to see / compare the two products.

I'm installing 4.3.22 on Windows. MySql is installed and working great, Java JSDK, JDK installed and happy. I noticed that the config files were set to 'read-only' and had to change them to edit them (no biggie).

When I run the following command (that's all one line btw) I get : Access Denied, that's all.  No reason why, no explanation on what I'm being denied from.

java -mx64M -classpath opencms.jar;xerces.jar;mysql.jar com.opencms.core.CmsShell config/opencms.properties < config/cmssetup.txt

Any idea ?

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