[opencms-dev] Error while loading ressource broker on ORACLE

r.halfmann at metastream.net r.halfmann at metastream.net
Mon Jul 9 17:37:47 CEST 2001

Hello OC-Team,

i want to load the datas into an ORACLE 9i DB - system is SUSE 7.2

i´ve set up the config informations like this:

# Parameters for the generic resource-broker to fill the defaults
resourcebroker.genericsql.class =
resourcebroker.genericsql.pool = jdbc:opencmspool:genericsql
resourcebroker.genericsql.digest = MD5

# Parameters for the generic connection-pool
pool.genericsql.driver = oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver
pool.genericsql.url = jdbc:oracle:thin:@
pool.genericsql.user = opencms
pool.genericsql.password = opencms
pool.genericsql.minConn = 10
pool.genericsql.maxConn = 20
pool.genericsql.increaseRate = 5
pool.genericsql.timeout = 120
pool.genericsql.maxage = 360

after that i try to load something -> "java -mx64M -jar opencmsboot.jar <

and the following message appears:

[com.opencms.dbpool.CmsPool] genericsql: creating new connection. Current
Amount is:9
[com.opencms.dbpool.CmsPool] genericsql: starting connection-guard
[com.opencms.dbpool.CmsPool] genericsql: created
[CmsDbAccess] fill default resources
[CmsDbAccess] fillDefaults() starting NOW!
[CmsRbManager] Critical error while loading resourcebroker.
[OpenCms] Critical error while loading resourcebroker.
[CmsException]: 33 Resourcebroker-init error. Detailed Error: Critical
error while loading resourcebroker. . Caught Exception: >[CmsException]: 0
Unknown exception. Detailed Error:
[com.opencms.file.genericSql.CmsDbAccess]7. Caught Exception:
>java.io.StreamCorruptedException: InputStream does not contain a
serialized object<<

i´ve checked the DB and saw that only one record is written during this
process (one entry in the table "cms_systemproperties") ...

All tests with the OCI8 driver are not successfull - missing library ???
(message is " ... java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no ocijdbc9 in
java.library.path ...")

but i´ve copied all libs from the oracle/jdbc/lib directory to oclib and
during the initialization process i can see all of them are loaded to the
repository ...

any hints for that problem ???


Robert Halfmann
METASTREAM // Interaktiv Marketing GmbH
Linienstraße 98
D - 10115 Berlin

Tel.:  030 / 28874 - 0
Fax:  030 / 28874 - 100
email:  r.halfmann at metastream.net

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