[opencms-dev] OpenCms with W2K, IIS and MS SQL7

Jozef Hribik jozef.hribik at apsoft.sk
Mon Jul 9 13:40:02 CEST 2001

Hi Alex

I want to get deeper into OpenCMS, so i am trying to create a JBuilder
project and compile OpenCMS.
Compilation was succesfull with Tomcat3.1 (default servlet engine coming
with JBuilder4) and also with Enydra3.1.
But i am unable to run or debug OpenCMS from JBuilder.

I want ask, have you already started development under Tomcat?
It would be great to use IDE like JBuilder and contribute to CVS.
Without this i will not say "I volunteer" to MS SQL :-((

I would suggest to make OpenCMS compatible with Tomcat+JBoss as soon as
possible (or other opensource / low cost application server - Enhydra,
Orionserver, JRun, etc).

Jozef Hribik

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Subject: [opencms-dev] OpenCms with W2K, IIS and MS SQL7

> Hi,
> some postings recently regarding OpenCms on a Windows 2000 configuration.
> like to comment with some insights on what we think the "official" status
> is.
> Developing the OpenCms core is almost exclusivly done on Windows 2000
> machines with Apache, Jserv & mySQL. So call that a standard
> We know installation is a hassle but we have what we have right now.
> IIS support _should_ come when Tomcat is fully supported. Tomcat and IIS
> seem to work ok together. Full Tomcat support in OpenCms is due soon.
> latest. That should solve the IIS thing. That should also make
> much easier.
> MS SQL 7 is another story. Basically it should work using the "generic"
> database driver. Read generic as "standard ANSI SQL". However, there seem
> be some issues regarding "Date" datatypes which seem to behave differently
> on MS SQL then expected by the generic driver. But about 90% of the SQL in
> the generic driver is ok with MS SQL 7. Creating a customized driver for
> SQL 7 could be done by extending the generic driver and overwriting the
> methods that require a customized SQL for MS SQL 7. Also, it would require
> creating a database setup script. Did anyone say "I volunteer" ;-)
> Regards,
> Alex.
> OpenCms Group

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