[opencms-dev] OpenCms 11.0.1 available

Alexander Kandzior alex at opencms.org
Wed Sep 4 17:30:45 CEST 2019

Dear OpenCms Users,

OpenCms 11.0.1 is now available for Download!

OpenCms 11.0.1 is a maintenance release for OpenCms 11. 
This version fixes a number of issues that have been detected in OpenCms 11. 
Also included are some new features and security enhancements.

OpenCms 11 compared to version 10 brings a major update for the workplace.
All apps have been replaced with modernized versions. 
Moreover, this release is compatible with Java 11 and comes with the new "Mercury" default template.

Full news, release notes and download option here:
http://www.opencms.org/en/news/190904-opencms-v1101.html <http://www.opencms.org/en/news/190430-opencms-v1100.html>

Updated source code for the Mercury template is available at:
https://github.com/alkacon/mercury-template/ <https://github.com/alkacon/mercury-template/>

Kind regards,

Alexander Kandzior

Alkacon Software - The OpenCms Experts                                                    
http://www.alkacon.com <http://www.alkacon.com/> - http://www.opencms.org <http://www.opencms.org/>                                                          

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