[opencms-dev] OpenCms 9.5.2: Not all files get statically exported with static export after publish

Schliemann, Kai K.Schliemann at comundus.com
Mon Aug 12 15:39:28 CEST 2019

Hi list,

we have a very strange problem in one of our customers installations with the full static export.
This is our setup:

Configuration in opencms-importexport.xml:

     <staticexport enabled="true">
                <testresource uri="/system/shared/page.dtd" />
In OpenCms several folders have set the export property to true and the exportname property to the name of the folder (there are no duplicates).

There is a scheduled task in OpenCms which does a "full static render" every evening. This worked perfectly for years. Customer said, that there where no changes on the system OpenCms is running on.

The problem:
>From one day to the other not all contents are statically exported.  We watched some folders. Some folders are complete, some only contain two files of lets say about 45 files in the VFS. After every export there are two other files in the folder. They seem to be randomly created.
The log throws a 404 for all not exported files.
We checked all configuration files and property settings in the VFS of the folder but could not find any hint on the problem.
The weird thing is, when I request a file in the online project from my browser (a file which had a 404 error after the full static export) it is correctly rendered and written to the export folder. So "on demand static export" is working correctly.

Last thing to say is, that we have a kind of mirrored system, which has the same settings. Everything works perfect here.
The only difference:
The contents of that system are not the same. As the working system is an integration environment, the contents are older.
So we assume, that the problem must be in the content. As we have thousands of files, finding the one which is the problem seems to be impossible.

So any hint is highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards

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