[opencms-dev] Set new Cookie with custom CmsAuthorizationHandler - Problem

Thomas Wener thomas.wener at componio.net
Mon Apr 18 16:07:08 CEST 2011

Hello list,

I am trying to extend the CmsAuthorizationHandler in a way, that it sets
automatically a cookie when a user logs in (e.g. is asked for
user-credentials after trying to open a CmsResource which requires some
user-permissions, in online mode).

To set a cookie I need a HttpServletResponse-Object and I tried to
overwrite the function "requestAuthorization" to get this
respone-object, so I can write a cookie.

My problem is, that this function is executed too early:

I want to set the cookie only AFTER successful login. But, after
successfully logged in, I don't manage to get a
HttpServletResponse-Objet, which is needed for setting the cookie.

- I already tried to save that response in an attribute, without success.

- I also tried to get a HttpServletResponse-Object  (or/and
CmsFlexResponse-Object) from the CmsFlexController, but this Controller
always remains "null"
1. try: CmsFlexController flexController =

2. try: CmsFlexController controller = (CmsFlexController)
-> flexController always remains null

Does the CmsFlexController need an initialization before?

Does anybody have an idea how to resolve these problems?

Thanks and greetings,
Thomas Wener

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