[opencms-dev] Resource Bundle to customize XML template labels

Carl Alex Friis Nielsen cfn at kb.dk
Mon Mar 30 09:17:08 CEST 2009

Do you use nested XML ?


Publishing the ServiceStartPage  schema might help diagnose the problem.






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Emne: [opencms-dev] Resource Bundle to customize XML template labels


Dear all,


I've created a new module calles com.mysite.service, added a xml schema that includes


   <resourcebundle name="com.mysite.service.workplace"/>

at /system/modules/com.mysite.service/classes/com/mysite/service/ I've created a workplace.properties file containing


# Start Page
fileicon.ServiceStartPage = Start Page for Service Site
title.ServiceStartPage = Start Page for Service Site


that works fine.


But I want to customize the nodes also, so I've added:


# StartPage nodes
label.ServiceStartPage.Picture = Visual für die Startseite (774 px breit)
label.ServiceStartPage.rightBoxTitle = Überschrift der rechten Box
label.ServiceStartPage.rightBoxText= Inhalt der rechten Box


and that is ignored. Any ideas what I did wrong?




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