[opencms-dev] Open CMS Crashes when Viewing Module in Workspace

Charles Mason charlie.mas at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 17:32:51 CEST 2009

Hi All,

I am integrating OpenCMS into a site I am creating and coming up
against an odd issue. I have a couple of JSP templates in a separate
module for the site. I can use the Workspace completely normally, but
us soon as I navigate to the module in the workspace the live site
crashes. The workspace continues to work so I can edit and publish the
content, but it flatly refuses to serve any content. Sometimes I get a
blank page other times I get an exception complaining the page could
not be found in the VFS. It doesn't record any exceptions in the log
files. This happens when navigating to any content even static images
which have nothing to do with the template.

The only solution is to reload the context in the servlet containers
manager web app. Once its reload it all works fine, even the newly
published temlate updates are there. I would really like to solve this
as it really slows down the development cycle. Is this a known issue?

I am using the latest release of Open CMS. The Servlet container is
JBoss Web (not the full JBoss Application Server), which is basically
Tomcat with some native code (from Apache I think) to more efficiently
serve static content.

Any suggestions ?

Charlie M

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