[opencms-dev] Resize Animated Gifs in OpenCMS?

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Fri Mar 27 09:03:33 CET 2009

> Can someone tell me if OpenCMS is capable resizing animated gifs
> please? Details as follows.
I don't think that this is supported.
The effect that you see is exactly the effect that always happens when an application that only supports regular gif images processes an animated gif: in this case only the first frame of the animation will be taken into account, resulting in a still image

However, automatic image resizing is a bad idea in general for Gif images, not because of any limitation in opencms but because the type of material that is usually shown in Gif images (graphics or text with sharp edges and not too many colors) is not very well suited for automatic resizing. And especially with animations I would expect that you really need to touch up the resullt anyway after you scale it to a different size- no matter which program does the scaling.

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