[opencms-dev] Strange behaviour with permissions (Workplace <-> Direct Edit), Image Gallery visibility

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Tue Mar 24 10:28:20 CET 2009

Mathias Lin | SYSVISION ha scritto:
> I experience a strange behaviour regarding permissions as follows:
> (OpenCms7.0.5, only using users and groups, not OUs)
> I have a user group: "Operators" (inherited from User, with workplace role)
> and a user "Operator A", who is member of group "Operators"
> This is the site structure (under /sites/mySite/):
> /                              
> /news/
> /news/operators/         
> /news/operators/operatorA/     
> /news/operators/operatorA/img (this is an image gallery)
> /news/operators/operatorA/index.html
> Now I have set the following permissions:
> Folder: /  
> Permission settings: Any permission weakly rejected (unchecked all boxes)
> for group "Operators"
> Folder: /news/operators/operatorA/
> Permission settings: All rights explicitly granted (overwriting) to user
> "Operator A" 
Did you also inherit the permissions for resources in that folder?
If not, then only this folder itself will be affected by your setting

best regards

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