[opencms-dev] Strange behaviour with permissions (Workplace <-> Direct Edit), Image Gallery visibility

Mathias Lin | SYSVISION mail at mathiaslin.com
Tue Mar 24 09:42:35 CET 2009

I experience a strange behaviour regarding permissions as follows:
(OpenCms7.0.5, only using users and groups, not OUs)

I have a user group: "Operators" (inherited from User, with workplace role)
and a user "Operator A", who is member of group "Operators"

This is the site structure (under /sites/mySite/):

/news/operators/operatorA/img (this is an image gallery)

Now I have set the following permissions:

Folder: /  
Permission settings: Any permission weakly rejected (unchecked all boxes)
for group "Operators"

Folder: /news/operators/operatorA/
Permission settings: All rights explicitly granted (overwriting) to user
"Operator A" 

I experience now two strange things:

When I login with user "Operator A" into the workplace, I cannot open the
context popup menu for the file /news/operators/operatorA/index.html,
although the users has all rights for it and is the responsible user for it.
For example I cannot open the context menu to edit the file.
Strangely though, I can open the file in the preview browser window and then
go through the direct edit in order to edit the page without a problem (as
So my question is, why can the user not open the context menu for this
index.html file in the workplace?
The context menu works for others folders like
/news/operators/operatorA/img, but not for the file
And there are no other permissions set to the index.html, they are exactly
the same as set to the folder /img under /news/operators/operatorA

Folder /news/operators/operatorA/img is an image gallery and it's published.
But it does not show up in the selection list when using the editor/image
gallery icon to insert an image.
It shows up though when I create a sibling folder of it which lies under
Why does it make a difference? The user has all rights to the folder and
subfolders of /news/operators/operatorA/
Is it a problem that he doesn't have rights to the parent folders ?

Another nice-to-have feature I came across when working on these issues: if
the startsite parameter of the VfsFileWidget would support macros to use the
current URI as start folder.
This has already been suggested in a previous thread:
Has anyone customized this already by any chance?

Mathias Lin
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