[opencms-dev] webdav & resource types

Markus Grabner grabner at icg.tugraz.at
Sat Mar 21 22:53:20 CET 2009


    Is it possible to modify resources of type "plain" via webdav? I tried two 
different webdav clients (cadaver and konqueror), I can browse the VFS, 
upload new and delete existing "plain" resources, but it is not possible to 
modify (i.e., overwrite) a "plain" resource (the client reports a successful 
operation, but the content is unmodified). Other resource types (e.g., "jsp" 
and "xmlpage") are not affected and can be updated via webdav as expected.

Is there a configuration entry to explicitly enable webdav modification 
of "plain" resources? I couldn't find any resource type specific notes in the 
opencms webdav documentation.

	Thanks & kind regards,

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