[opencms-dev] Copy site-content link problem

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Wed Mar 11 20:16:38 CET 2009

You want to use absolute paths.
The site prefix of the current site gets automatically added by opencms whenever you access files, so inside of whatever site you are in, you can access /en/boxes/mybox.

This will point to that subfolder inside of that main folder of the current site


> Hi all,
> I've got a question regarding sites.
> Situation:
> ---------------
> Our OpenCms instance is going to run 20-30 different sites. To avoid  
> creating default files for each new site manually (options, column  
> layout, ...), I just want to copy a basic set of files.
> So, if I want to create a new site "mysite" I would copy all files  
> under /sites/siteDefaultFiles to /sites/mysite. In siteDefaultFiles  
> there are basic hello- world HTMLs, configuration files etc.
> Problem:
> ---------------
> The file /sites/siteDefaultFiles/en/config from type ttconfig  
> references a box in /en/boxes/myBox (relative address).
> After copying the config- file OpenCms changed the links from /en/ 
> boxes/myBox to /sites/siteDefaultFiles/en/config.
> This is actually not what I want. I want the URL to stay relative or  
> at least to references /sites/mysite/en/config.
> I really tried a lot. Copy before creating the mysite, Create mysite  
> and then copy, ... export/import ...
> Has anybody got an idea how to handle this?
> Thanks a lot!
> Ludwig
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> Ludwig Hunecke
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