[opencms-dev] problem of writing java bean class on OpenCms.

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Wed Mar 11 08:31:12 CET 2009

Saroj Bhatarai ha scritto:
> Hi, i am confused about one thing. As i told earlier, i have written my java
> in eclipse, and i want to import OpenCms library files for using them in my
> project. I looked at lib folder where i have setup OpenCms, but i didn't
> found any jar files which can import below mentioned classes:
> org.opencms.file.CmsFile
> org.opencms.file.CmsProject
> ............................................ and so on.
ah - ok. Sorry I had already written about your next step, when the code 
is finished and added into your opencms system.
In the opencms folder, you have a folder WEB-INF and it contains a 
sub-folder libs. There, you find all the jar files of opencms and you 
should add those to your project.

Just look at the folder structure inside of WEB-INF. You will also see 
configuration files, log files, etc


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