[opencms-dev] Problems setting up OpenCMS

Gregor Schneider rc46fi at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 10 13:00:47 CET 2009


first of all, thanks for your attention.

DNS-entries have been updated, as you suggested.

However, it just doesn't work.

In setup.log it looks as if everything is perfectly fine: It ends with

========= [ cut ] ==========
18462:  The setup is finished!
18463:  The OpenCms system used for the setup will now shut down.
18466:  Shutting down OpenCms, version 7.0.5 in web application "opencms"
18467:  Shutdown completed, total uptime was 00:10:08.
========= [ cut ] ==========

However, after that the installation-window still tells me to wait,
and nothing happens, the "continue"-button being disabled.

My first suspicion was Firefox since I've got NoScript installed (but
gave all rieghts to my domain), then tried it with IE 6, Popup-Blocker
being disabled. Still to no avail.

What I can see on the console is, that every now and then MySQL is
active. My problem is, that I do not have root-rights on the machine
so I can't see what MySQL is exactly doing.

What I also can see is that jsvc (a native wrapper for Apache Tomcat)
every now and then shows up on top of the list.

What I also do knwo is that MySQL-config in /etc/mysql/my.cnf contains


I've requested to change it to


however, it may take a while until the admins will have changed that.

So my questions are:

- After setup shutting down OpenCMS acc. to the logs - how long does
it take in average until the "continue"-button in the setup-window
will be enabled?

- Is there any workaround / hack, i.e. can I change some file-content
so that I can login into OpenCMS?

My understanding is, that when OpenCMS says acc. to the logs "setup
finished", I should be able to login, right?
However, wenn I call
http://www.mysite.com/opencms/opencms/system/login, it tells me

HTTP Status 500
OpenCms is not properly initialized!
Please make sure that the OpenCms setup wizard has been run once and
is disabled now.

So is there any tweak available that I can get the login-screen?


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