[opencms-dev] problem of writing java bean class on OpenCms.

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Mon Mar 9 07:03:02 CET 2009

Saroj Bhatarai ha scritto:
> Hi all,I am new to OpenCms and i am trying to do one one sample project from
> book OpenCms 7 development. It says to write a custom java class when making
> project on OpenCms, but i am confused where to write that customer java
> class. I can only create new html, jsp, etc file from OpenCms explorer
> window. So, i would like to know who to create this java class and in which
> folder i have to put this file.
You write that class outside of opencms - usually with a Java 
development environment like Eclipse.
You do this by importing the opencms classes into your project and 
writing java classes. When you are finished with this, you can import 
your classes into an opencms module and use them there.

The opencms book has examples on how to get started with eclipse for 
things like that

Best Regards

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