[opencms-dev] offline problems

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Mon Mar 9 07:01:14 CET 2009

I sometimes have a similar though not identical effect.
Sometimes when I edit something, when clicking on "edit" in the context 
menu, not only the editor is opened up but I will also get an additional 
window with a preview of another resource.

For me this happens only sometimes, only when editing the content of the 
file and the editor is opened nonetheless.

I'm using Firefox ("Iceweasel") on Debian Linux with a couple of extensions.

This seems to have started after upgrading from 703 to 705 but it's 
quite sporadic. I also don't know what to make of this.

Best Regards

> I have a new site with opencms 7.0.4. The site works well except three 
> annoying problems for the opencms users:
> 1. Every click on any link in opencms produces an empty popup window 
> with the following url in the status bar:
> http://mysite/system/workplace/views/explorer/tree_files.jsp?rootloaded=true&resource=%2Fde%2F
> It makes it impossible to select a file or directory in the filetree 
> popup (for move/rename etc.).
> 2. Non admin users can not see offline pages with direct edit buttons. 
> After editing a page and clicking on the filename they get just the 
> online view. I guess this is a problem with user permissions, but where 
> can I fix this?
> 3. Files uploaded in any system path (some gallery for example) are 
> saved in the project path last selecetd (with and without upload 
> applet). The mentioned popup makes it impossible to move the uploaded 
> file to the correct directory.
> This problems make the system nearly unusable. Any ideas?
> thanks in advance,
> Oliver

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