[opencms-dev] Problem in Direkt Edit!!

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Wed Mar 4 10:19:26 CET 2009

Ashutosh ha scritto:
> Dear All
> i want to enable my Editable button online  , I have try it but it 
> working well when workplace is open but when i try it after clossing my 
> workplace then editable button does not show on page..
>           I requested to all please guide me how i eble to show editable 
> button on online page ..
Direct Edit can only work after you are logged in. Otherwise, the 
visitors of your website would also see the edit button.

You can write a simple login form where users can log in into the 
website without using the workplace.
Take a look at http://opencms-wiki.org/Custom_Login_Page for an example 
of a custom login page.

Best Regards

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