[opencms-dev] filter-mapping for file included by <cms:include>?

Markus Grabner grabner at icg.tugraz.at
Wed Feb 25 09:47:41 CET 2009

Am Samstag 21 Februar 2009 21:41:53 schrieb Markus Grabner:
> 	Hi!
>     What is the recommended configuration to apply a filter-mapping (in
> web.xml) to arbitrary files included by <cms:include> from JSP files?
Can some OpenCMS "guru" please give advice on this?

My original message (see below) includes a list of unsuccessful attempts.

	Thanks & kind regards,

> I'm 
> trying to integrate ZK (see http://www.zkoss.org) with opencms and include
> ZUL-files in JSP-pages, i.e., something like
> <cms:include page="test.zul" />
> I guess setting up a correct filter mapping should do the trick, but wasn't
> able to find a reasonable solution. I tried the following:
> *) I read
> "http://mail.opencms.org/pipermail/opencms-dev/2006q4/027017.html", there
> were several suggestions, but no working solution.
> *) I set <url-pattern> in <filter-mapping> to the file extension ("*.zul").
> However, this only works when the ZUL-file is accessed directly, but not
> for <cms:include>ing the file in a JSP file.
> *) When the ZUL-file is included by <jsp:include> instead of <cms:include>,
> and I make sure that it exists at the correct path in the real file system,
> the filter-mapping works. However, this is obviously not a viable solution
> for a production environment.
> *) I also considered a static export, but there is only a single version of
> the file instead of separate online and offline versions, so this is also
> not useful for this purpose.
> *) From the opencms log file I concluded that the external request
> dispatcher is only invoked for files included by <jsp:include> and for
> JSP-files included by <cms:include>, but not for non-JSP files included by
> <cms:include>. So I tried to make false claims about the ZUL-file and
> declared it as JSP by explicitly overriding its type in the opencms
> explorer. However, then the extension "jsp" is added to the file, and for
> whatever reason a <url-pattern> "*.zul.jsp" doesn't work.
> *) This led me to a workable, but *very ugly* solution: storing all
> ZUL-files (with type set to JSP) under /test/zul in the VFS and defining
> two separate path-based filter mappings with the following <url-pattern>s
> /WEB-INF/jsp/offline/sites/default/test/zul/*
> /WEB-INF/jsp/online/sites/default/test/zul/*
> gives the desired result. However, this calls for troubles with maintenance
> since all paths to ZUL files must explicitly be listed in web.xml, and all
> ZUL files must be tagged as JSP.
> So the short question after the long story is: how can I configure opencms
> to invoke the external request dispatcher for non-JSP files included by
> <cms:include> in a similar way as it is done for JSP-files?
> 	Thanks & kind regards,
> 		Markus

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