[opencms-dev] Repeated (daily) crashes of OpenCms 7.0.5

Nick Straguzzi nick.straguzzi at credosystems.com
Tue Feb 24 01:27:02 CET 2009

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone on the OpenCms list for your help in solving this problem.  It appears the crashes we experienced were indeed caused by stale threads to MySQL.  Following Marc Johnen's advice (setting db.pool.default.whenExhaustedAction to "grow" instead of "block) and Tim Howland's (uncommenting the db.pool.default.testQuery statement) seems to have fixed the problem, at least for now.

Along the way I and our IT folks were able to make a couple of useful tuning improvements, and the system has been running smoothly for several days.  I've used OpenCms for years, but I had never run into this problem before.

I am still a bit leery about the 404 recursion/stack overflow.  I'm not entirely convinced yet that the problem has been solved.  It might well be that the system simply wasn't able to get to the 404 Handler JSP because all of the DB connections were stale, and a 404 on a request to a 404 Handler is never a good thing. ;)  Still, the problem occurred on JPG files and other static resources that shouldn't have triggered a 404 handler at all, I think.  But, I spent so much time last week on the crashing problem that I simply don't have the bandwidth now to dive any deeper into it.

Again, my thanks - our entire organization very much appreciates it.

Nick Straguzzi

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