[opencms-dev] OpenCms on 2 Servers

Roedel, Mark MarkRoedel at letu.edu
Fri Feb 20 20:36:14 CET 2009

Hello, Vahe.


We use the Alkacon OCEE cluster package, and I'd be glad to answer any
questions that'd help you decide whether that solution makes sense for


In short, OCEE clustering can be set up two different configurations:


(1)    Shared database - in this scenario, multiple OpenCMS servers
operate against the same database (which could optionally be a cluster
of database servers for fault-tolerance).  One OpenCMS instance is
designated as the "active workplace server" and is the one that you
should use to interact with the OpenCMS Workplace.  It will forward
event notices to the other servers as pages are published, etc., so that
caches, search indexes, static exports, etc. are kept in sync.

(2)    Own (replicated) database - in this scenario, each OpenCMS server
has its own database.  Again, one instance is designated as the "active
workplace server", and is the only one that has the workplace available
for back-end use.  Publishing a resource on the active workplace server
causes the resource to be also replicated in the other database
instances, as well as sending an event notice to the other servers to
keep caches, search indexes, static exports, etc. in sync.




Mark Roedel


LeTourneau University
Longview, Texas  USA



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Hello Everyone.


Have anyone before such an Example of using same OpenCms database and 2
App servers that are working with the same DB.


The meaning is that one server is used for online public access, and
there will be no admin part on it.

And the second one will be for development.


It this possible?


And if it is not poosible then , How to make the the both servers to
work each with own DB, but having the same content on it, so when I
delete one Structured content the second one will also be deleted.


I have found Alkacon OCEE Cluster Package
<http://www.alkacon.com/en/products/ocee/cluster_package/index.html> ,
will this give me some solution?


Thank you.

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