[opencms-dev] OpenCms on 2 Servers

Yves Glodt yg at mind.lu
Thu Feb 19 19:32:37 CET 2009

On Thursday 19 February 2009, Vahe Momjian wrote:
> Hello Everyone.
> Have anyone before such an Example of using same OpenCms database and
> 2 App servers that are working with the same DB.

Running 2 opencms servers on the same DB seems to work fine. Be sure to 
access the workplace only from one of them since IIRC workplace-locks 
are locally dealt with, and not in the DB.

Also, I have disabled flexcache (setting it to a low expiry value would 
probably be ok.)

> The meaning is that one server is used for online public access, and
> there will be no admin part on it. And the second one will be for
> development.
> It this possible?


It might be easier though to set up the workplace-url under a non-public 
dns-name, to keep it available only on the development side.

> And if it is not poosible then , How to make the the both servers to
> work each with own DB, but having the same content on it, so when I
> delete one Structured content the second one will also be deleted.
> I have found Alkacon OCEE Cluster Package, will this give me some
> solution?
> Thank you.

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