[opencms-dev] Static Export for DownloadGallery

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Wed Feb 11 08:33:28 CET 2009

Dear Mark

For some resource type, static export is on by default. For example, 
html stuff should be configured to be exported by default. This can be 
fixed by either changing your opencms-import-export.xml and setting the 
default export setting for your resources differently or by setting the 
"export" property to "false" on the folders that contain your pages, 
images and whatever else gets exported without you wanting to.

On the other hand, for the same reason, you need to enable exporting the 
kind of resources that you want to export. There, it's probably most 
convenient to set the "export" property of  your download gallery 
folder(s) to "true".

In addition to this you need to check the resource sets that you are 
using and the static export handler that you configured. Resource sets 
are regular expressions in opencms-import-export.xml that say when any 
resource matching this expression is touched then all resources maching 
another expression should be exported.

The things that I mentioned so far need to be set correctly so that the 
workplace function will export your resources.

Finally, there is (I think) a static export handler that exports only 
independent resources when one of those resources has actually been 
changed in opencms. If you only want to export downloadable files and 
not want to export generated content, then that export handler should be 
the one for you, but I can't remember the name of the class for it. 
After configuring this correctly, the export will kick in automatically 
when you publish new downloadable resources.

> Hello Everyone
> I have a couple of downloadgalleries where some files can be pretty big
> 150-200mb. I thought it might be a good idea to export those files to
> the filesystem rather than storing them in the database. Anyhow, when I
> start a static export from Administation a lot of folders get exported
> (even though I havent set the "export" property) but the
> downloadgalleries I want to export, nothing happens. I know that I
> probaly have to add the *.rar ending to the configuration but the *.zip
> are also ignored.
> Or do I miss something understanding of how this export works?
> Thanks
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