[opencms-dev] Publish Directly: OK-Button sometimes inactive

Florian Hopf hopf at synyx.de
Mon Feb 9 11:17:07 CET 2009


Christian Steinert wrote:
> Since a while now, we have the problem that in the publishing dialogue 
> for the direct publish function, the Ok button is sometimes greyed out 
> without any clear reason. Cancelling and trying again to publish the 
> resource will after a few attempts bring up the dialogue with an enabled 
> Ok-Button.
> Has anybody else witnessed this behavior?
> We're on 7.0.5 but had the same problem before when using 7.0.3.

I can confirm this behaviour with OpenCms 7.0.4 and OpenCms 7.0.5.
Sometimes the button is just greyed out. I did not her any complaints
from customers so I guess that the error is caused by my setup (probably
Firefox 3?).

My environment:
Ubuntu 8.10
Firefox 3.0.5


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