[opencms-dev] access to CmsObject

Hernan Leoni hernan.leoni at globant.com
Sun Feb 8 18:15:28 CET 2009

Hi Mathias,

Thanks, sure, I'm using that in other places y my system, the most of 
the time in tests, but I'm trying to ger the CmsObject when the person 
is already logged in, the scenario would be:
  - the user access the opencms console (log in)
  - clicks on a resource which gets rendered in an html
  - the html page has dwr-ajax code which generates a request to the dwr 
  - the dwr service needs the CmsObject, the user is already logged in, 
so, I don't want to use loginUser again, and actually, I should not have 
the password every time.


Mathias Lin|SYSVISION wrote:
> Hi Hernan,
> I use Spring w/ OpenCms but not DWR. 
> The CmsObject can be initialized as follows:
> CmsObject cmsObj =
> OpenCms.initCmsObject(OpenCms.getDefaultUsers().getUserGuest());
> ...and then do something like login for example...
> String s = cmsObj.loginUser("Admin", "admin");
> HTH,
> Mathias
> Hernán Leoni wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm working with opencms and dwr + spring.
>> I'm doing it quite well, but at this moment I'm stuck here, the question 
>> is: how can I access the CmsObject from a servlet other than the opencms 
>> servlet.
>> As far as I could see  the CmsObject is generated in OpenCmsCore 
>> <http://files.opencms.org/javadoc/core/org/opencms/main/OpenCmsCore.html>, 
>> but all methods are privates and I think I should not touch code in there.
>> I would thanks any help.
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