[opencms-dev] I think I know what is going wrong..

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Tue Feb 3 20:30:06 CET 2009

Phil Launchbury ha scritto:
> Another point - in the HTML editor I can set the link to be as it should
> (type "other", path /products/biometric_security/ etc etc) but as soon as
> I save the change the URI gets changed. And when I go back into the editor
> and edit the link it now has multiple /sites/default/tssi prepended to the
> link URI.
unless sth with /sites/ in front shows up in the HTML editor, this 
should be normal.
The HTML editor uses external represention with absolute paths but the 
internal form of storage always has the site root.
> And this is after changing the template of that page to be the templatetwo
> template.. (I also tried taking our template and stripping out everything
> expect actually showing the page text - and that didn't work either).
Weird. Does that mean that you even get links like 
/sites/default/foo/bar.html in your jsp-assembled html page if you use 


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