[opencms-dev] Unable To Publish Files

Brett Sheeran brett.sheeran at gmail.com
Mon Feb 2 23:00:46 CET 2009


OpenCMS will not let me publish many files, even though I am logged in
as Admin. Can someone please help? Details as follows.

Recently, I exported a large number of files from a 7.0.4 installation
and then imported them a 7.0.5 installation.

OpenCMS will not allow me to publish many of those files in the 7.0.5
installation even though I am logged in using the Admin account. If I
right click on the file, I see the option "Publish directly" is

There are no publish locks on these files (I have run release all
publish locks) and I have ensured that *all* users have the right to
publish these files, but the "Publish directly" option is still not
available in the dropdown menu.

The odd thing is, OpenCMS will allow me publish other files from the
same import.

Thank you.

Regards Brett S

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