[opencms-dev] Problems through Byte-Order Mark

Yves Glodt yg at mind.lu
Wed Jan 28 16:20:38 CET 2009

On Tuesday 27 January 2009, Christian Steinert wrote:
> > Ok, late reply... To keep it short: I could not get rid of the BOM. The
> > problem could be that I use kate (http://www.kate-editor.org/) to access
> > the jsp files through webdavs:// which works fine, but it seems that once
> > somehow that BOM appeared, I cannot get rid of it anymore.
> why not use okteta - the hex editor of kde? It should support all file
> systems that are supported through KDE's KIO slaves.
> I don't know though whether okteta is available for KDE 3 as well or
> only for KDE 4.

I tried opening the jsp in question in okteta, and it starts with 3 bytes:
EF BB BF, the BOM.

Then, I tried creating a new blank jsp, and opened it with okteta, and it also 
contains the 3 bytes in question. Creating the blank jsp was done through the 
workspace, not by accessing the vfs through webdav.

I have another site which I host in my opencms instance, whose jsps also have 
a BOM when I check them with the hex editor, but which do *NOT* have them any 
more when I fetch the html files with wget.

In my first site, the one which made me post on this list about the BOM, the 
jsp which contain the BOM mess up the layout (no I did not smoke anything 
today). They insert a blank line in several spaces in the layout.

So in the meantime I am not sure any more that the BOM causes a direct problem 
to my content, since all of the jsp seem to contain it when accessed in the 

But, the BOM seems in some cases be included in the pages when opencms serves 
them, and this seems to create a problem for me... Anyone having an idea where 
the "served BOM" could come from ?


> Alternatively any other hex editor should work if you copy the files
> onto your local disk, fix them there and re-copy them back.
> > Even opening the jsps directly in the workplace-editor, copy/pasting
> > into a blank editor window, saving, reopening the file and re-copy/paste
> > it back to the workplace-editor did not remove the BOM
> >
> > Any other ideas... ?
> hth
> Best Regards
> Christian
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