[opencms-dev] Problems through Byte-Order Mark

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Tue Jan 27 17:35:50 CET 2009

> Ok, late reply... To keep it short: I could not get rid of the BOM. The 
> problem could be that I use kate (http://www.kate-editor.org/) to access 
> the jsp files through webdavs:// which works fine, but it seems that once 
> somehow that BOM appeared, I cannot get rid of it anymore.
why not use okteta - the hex editor of kde? It should support all file 
systems that are supported through KDE's KIO slaves.
I don't know though whether okteta is available for KDE 3 as well or 
only for KDE 4.

Alternatively any other hex editor should work if you copy the files 
onto your local disk, fix them there and re-copy them back.
> Even opening the jsps directly in the workplace-editor, copy/pasting 
> into a blank editor window, saving, reopening the file and re-copy/paste 
> it back to the workplace-editor did not remove the BOM
> Any other ideas... ?

Best Regards

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