[opencms-dev] Adding new locale to existing site

Carl Alex Friis Nielsen cfn at kb.dk
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Why not upgrade to 7.0.5 ?


Among other things, you can then move resources around without breaking links.






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We are adding an 'es' locale onto our existing (mature!) site (OpenCMS 6) and have done it as follows:


Created the new locale (we only had 'en' beforehand).

Created a top-level folder called es

Created a top level folder called en and moved our existing content into it.


Unfortunately this means that all the links within the existing site are now wrong. Adding a . in front of the link cures the problem but we really, really don't want to have go go through the whole site updating each link individually (there are thousands of them!).


Is there a way that we can automatically add the correct folder prefix based on the locale? Kind of making /en/ or /es/ as the new root of the site based on the locale of browser looking at the site. Or can we globally find/replace to add a . in front of all the links (I thought of WebDAV but that seems to only work in OpenCMS 7).


Or can we make the /en/ folder into a symlink to the root of the main site? That way all our existing content would not have to move and we can just create the new content in the /es/ folder as needed..







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