[opencms-dev] Problems through Byte-Order Mark

Philip Kuegler mailinglists at pcom.at
Tue Jan 27 10:16:41 CET 2009

Yves Glodt wrote:
> On Wednesday 24 December 2008, Yves Glodt wrote:
> > On Tuesday 23 December 2008, Philip Kuegler wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > There are several possibilities:
> > > 1.) Create a new empty file and copy/paste the jsp to there. Then
> > > remove the old file and rename the new one
Die you try the copy/paste and _rename_? I assume that the copy/paste 
does not include the BOM header. If you paste the text back to the 
previous file most you will (possibly) just replace the text after the 
BOM. You should really transfer the text to a new file. Unfortunately my 
linux box is currently running without Xserver so I can't check the Kate 
settings - Is there a way to change the encoding (e.g. to ISO 8859-1) ?


> [other ways to get rid of BOM]
Ok, late reply... To keep it short: I could not get rid of the BOM. The 
problem could be that I use kate (http://www.kate-editor.org/) to access 
the jsp files through webdavs:// which works fine, but it seems that 
once somehow that BOM appeared, I cannot get rid of it anymore.
> Even opening the jsps directly in the workplace-editor, copy/pasting 
> into a blank editor window, saving, reopening the file and 
> re-copy/paste it back to the workplace-editor did not remove the BOM
> Any other ideas... ?
> Best regards,
> Yves
> [WAS: Having problem getting rid of BOM in JSP files]
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