[opencms-dev] OpenCms E-mail Notification for expired pages

Géna Nel Gena.Nel at nwu.ac.za
Mon Jan 26 15:24:46 CET 2009

I've set our OpenCms up to send mail to some of the Opencms users, using the Broadcast admin task in Workplace Tools. It worked well.
I've set the responsible's users/publisers for specific pages, with expiration dates. I've also created a scheduled job for CmsContentNotification. However, after the pages expired the cms still don't notify the user/publisher that his page has expired or is going to expire. 

Do anyone have any ideas where I can look for the problem?

  Best regards,

Géna Nel
Senior IT Consultant
Applications and Research division
Institutional IT, NWU
Tel: (018) 299 2132
Fax: (018) 299 2122

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