[opencms-dev] HtmlWidget & css : custom?

Sandrine Prousteau s.prousteau at eurelis.com
Wed Jan 21 18:25:32 CET 2009


I want to use a custom and dynamicaly found css file in the HtmlWidget
fields of XmlContent.

I know I can write a css file and add it in XSD definition of my
XmlContent, that's ok.


But a first issue occurs: it doesn't understand "@import url('another
css file.css');" lines!!! And so I must copy all the css code of my css
file used by final templates.


Second, I want the css used is found dynamically: I need to get it by a
property (for example) of the xmlcontent currently edited. How can I do?
I tried to write a jsp file insead of the css file, which could get it,
but I can't get the currently edited uri!!! I only have the jsp file
itself uri.


Could someone help me?

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