[opencms-dev] Maven project

Cristina Hernández Sánchez cris_maco at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 21 15:57:20 CET 2009

Hello, I've got new doubts ;)

I've imported my own module in OpenCms workplace (from another project in OpenCms, this module was inside system/modules), so to make sync I follow the maven goal, but it didn't appear in module system in eclipse, so I add this module to the pom.xml in system module, I make sync again and finally I've got the module in eclipse workspace, I did well??

but when I tried to add opencms modules like calendar, survey, webforms, comments, etc I can't do like the way I've tell before. the error tells that it can't find ~folder.xml in the directory... this is because this modules need "special changes" or something like that???

thank you very much

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