[opencms-dev] Please, help with OpenCms-Maven Plugin

Noz, Felix F.Noz at comundus.com
Wed Jan 21 12:22:29 CET 2009

Hello Enric,
this normaly happens when you don't use the tomcat:exploded task but
copy only the war file to your webapps directory or use the
tomcat:deploy task. In contrast to the statement of my collegue Adrian
yesterday you have to either
- use the tomcat:exploded task
- or copy the whole webapp/target/webapp/ directory
So it's strange that this happens although you used the exploded task...
Is there a resources directory within the webapp/target/webapp/

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I'm using your OpenCms-Maven Plugin. It's great! 


But I have a problem. After all maven tasks have finished (and the
application is deployed on my Tomcat), I use Open CMS entry point URL (
http://localhost:8080/opencms-basic/opencms/system/login) in any of my
web browsers and I get that:




I think that my "maven-generated" OpenCMS distribution doesn't have all
the needed files. That's the folder "opencms-basic" on my Tomcat:




If I get the opencms-7.0.5.war official distribution, I can see that it
contains a root directory called "resources" that doesn't exist when I
use OpenCms-Maven Plugin.

I was doing something wrong but I don't know what? Do I have to do any
setup after the execution of "tomcat:exploded" maven task? Could anybody
help me?


Thanks in advance!


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