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that is a very interesting question. I would like to attach another question to this. Is it possible to use this Maven Build Project, even though the used version in our environment is still 7.0.4? If not, would it be possible to receive a version valid for 7.0.4?


Markus M. May

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I'm trying the maven-project, it seems very interesting! So, I just wanted to know if the version is stable, the bugs found in the project, etc. Also, if it's possible, could you informed me if any module of openCms is against maven project or if add new modules is harder?? And what will be the new advances in this project???

The prerequisite of the database (MySql) is necessary in this project, I don't think so because openCms could run in other databases like Oracle, SQL Server, ... Just changing the parent pom, can we install the project in Oracle (for example) or we have to make new changes???

Thank you very much.

Sorry for my english!! ;)


Cristina Hernández Sánchez
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