[opencms-dev] Use jQuery in a template

Marc Schlegel my.mailing.lists at gmx.de
Sat Jan 17 12:16:55 CET 2009


But I already found this sites. My question now is more how I include it
especially in OpenCms.
I am running 7.0.5 so I would like to use the one that is shipped with
this version rather than downloading it again.
Sorry, that I didnt make that point.


Christian Steinert schrieb:
> Marc Schlegel ha scritto:
>> I have to send this question again. I still havent found o but ut how to use
>> jquery :(
> The following site should give you everything you need.
>   http://docs.jquery.com/Main_Page
>> Actually, I just would like to use an fade in effect on a div-block for
>> the beginning. The pdf by Mat Butcher form the OpenCms-Days explains it
>> very briefly and the examples are supposed to be found on another
>> website but there I also jsut can find the same PDF, no examples.
> The following page for example turned up during a short search for "fade"
>   http://docs.jquery.com/Effects/fadeIn#speedcallback
> jquery is really sweet but at the beginning it might require some mental 
> re-wiring to appreciate the way it works. So you should definitely take 
> a look at some of the tutorials.
> hth
> Christian
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