[opencms-dev] locale change in custom xmlcontent

Carl Alex Friis Nielsen cfn at kb.dk
Fri Jan 16 11:58:52 CET 2009

Does the content really only have one locale, or is the second locale present, but empty ?


If only the "en" locale is present, the cms should default to that content, despite the "fr" locale in the locale property

(of the resource or inherited). If you do have an empty "fr" content in the resource, that will be displayed.


Not sure what you want the locales-available for (depends on your template of course) - we don't use that.


If your template is coded not to do this it obviously won't happen.


If you use "edit controlcode" on the resource you can examine the xml as text and easily determine if other locales

Are present.







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Hi, a trivial question..

I've got some custom xmlcontent file in a folder, and they have been edited in a locale (ex : "en"). Then I add in properties 'locale-available' and 'locale' value "fr" for example to the parent folder. So the values of my xmlcontent are not write anymore, I have to change it to "fr". Is there a trivial way to change in one click all data under a folder, instead of having to change it in each file in the xml code??

Locales "fr" and "en" are already configured in WEB-INF config files.


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