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Steve Bryan steve at bright-interactive.com
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There is another solution, you can create external link/'pointer' objects
for the URLs you want to be unchanged (even if they are in fact internal),
then add those to your HTML using the editor.

OpenCms does not mess with those.

* create a link gallery called 'Internal Links'
* Create a link object as required, for 'http://www.site1.com/blah..' 
* In your html editor, insert that link object

When the HTML is rendered by OpenCms, it won't mess with the URL.

Note you can put relative links in the pointer objects, eg
'../../non-opencms-link-in-same-site.html' - this is useful if you want to
link to a non-opencms page in the same website (eg a struts or spring url).

Hope that helps

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Dear Jack

This has also hit me (but with links that I used in a regular html page - no
matter whether I used the fckeditor or edited the HTML source code).
The workaround that I used was to use a slightly different domain name for
links that should not be rewritten by opencms: instead of linking to
http://www.foo.com/bar/baz (with www.foo.com being the domain that is
configured with opencms), I linked to http://foo.com/bar/baz. That may be a
bit of a hack but keeps the link untouched, at least in the cms editor.

best regards

> I am fetching an opencms html file for in an email body and don't want
> http://www.site1.com/ replaced with /site1/ and don't want the link to
> the attribute internal="true"
> however, even after editing the controlcode directly to what I want, when
> save it still happens, http://www.site1.com/ gets replaced with /site1/
> the link attribute internal gets set to "true" 
> is there a way of overriding this behavior so I can force an abolute
> of relative URL ?  
> ................
> Jack Bakker
> _______________________________________________

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