[opencms-dev] overriding links as internal

Christian Steinert christian_steinert at web.de
Wed Jan 14 22:51:55 CET 2009

Dear Jack

This has also hit me (but with links that I used in a regular html page - no matter whether I used the fckeditor or edited the HTML source code).
The workaround that I used was to use a slightly different domain name for links that should not be rewritten by opencms: instead of linking to http://www.foo.com/bar/baz (with www.foo.com being the domain that is configured with opencms), I linked to http://foo.com/bar/baz. That may be a bit of a hack but keeps the link untouched, at least in the cms editor.

best regards

> I am fetching an opencms html file for in an email body and don't want
> http://www.site1.com/ replaced with /site1/ and don't want the link to have
> the attribute internal="true"
> however, even after editing the controlcode directly to what I want, when I
> save it still happens, http://www.site1.com/ gets replaced with /site1/ and
> the link attribute internal gets set to "true" 
> is there a way of overriding this behavior so I can force an abolute instead
> of relative URL ?  
> ................
> Jack Bakker
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