[opencms-dev] OpenCms Module Developer Eclipse plugin 0.0.6 released

Dave Schoorl maillists at cyber-d.com
Mon Jan 5 09:01:18 CET 2009

A new release of the OpenCms module developer plugin for Eclipse (version 0.0.6) has been released today. This release contains both a bugfix as well as new functionality. The new functionality has been contributed by Lufam, and contains the following:
- it is now possible to synchronize on a file or directory level, you no longer need to synchronize your entire project
- support for PLAIN type; files with extension .htm(l), .css, .js, .txt and .xsd are recognized as PLAIN type
- resources who's name start with a dot (.) or 'test' are not copied to OpenCms installation.

Lufam, thank you very much for your contributions.

Furthermore, a bug related to the deletion of files in an OpenCms 6.x installation was solved, improving the OpenCms 6.x support further.

Everyone is advised to upgrade their plugin to this new version and enjoy the new functionality.

You can read more on this plugin at http://www.redstardevelopment.nl/opencms/opencms/en/opencms/plugin/. The page also contains a download link.

Kind regards,

Dave Schoorl

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