[opencms-dev] rebuild search indexes when modify a xmlcontent

Chauhan, Amit Amit_Chauhan at intuit.com
Fri Dec 21 20:09:52 CET 2007

Create your module. In your module, create a class that implements
I_CmsModuleAction interface (or just extends A_CmsModuleAction class).

In it's initialize method, register itself to listen for events. Once
registered cmsEvent method will be invoked everytime any event occurs.
Look for class I_CmsEventListener for what kind of events you can listen

I hope you know how to deploy your own module. If not, then it's in the
documentation that came along with OpenCms.


The class would look something like this:


public class ActionClass implements I_CmsModuleAction {


    public void initialize(CmsObject arg0, CmsConfigurationManager arg1,
CmsModule arg2) {



        }catch(Exception e){

            // Do not throw anything.

            e.printStackTrace ();





    public void moduleUninstall(CmsModule arg0) {

        // Do nothing



    public void moduleUpdate(CmsModule arg0) {

        // Do nothing



    public void publishProject(CmsObject arg0, CmsPublishList arg1, int
arg2, I_CmsReport arg3) {

        // Do nothing



    public void shutDown(CmsModule arg0) {

        // Do nothing



    public void cmsEvent(CmsEvent event) {

        // send a test email if this method is executed.

        switch (event.getType()) {

            case I_CmsEventListener.EVENT_RESOURCE_MODIFIED:

            // send the email









Amit Chauhan



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Hi, list.


We've verified that opencms 7 rebuild search indexes when publish, but
we need to rebuild anytime you create or modify a xmlcontent. Is it
posible? How? Does exist an event we can use to detect a creation or
modification in a xmlcontent and call to rebuild method?


Thanks very much.

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