[opencms-dev] OpenCmsVFS Eclipse Plugin

Scott Carlson scott at optionvue.com
Fri Dec 21 18:42:06 CET 2007

Hi all,


I have a modified version of the OpenCmsVFS Eclipse Plugin, and I am
interested in finding out if there are people interested in having it
publicly available.


The modified version is functionally the same as the last version from
Sami Honkonen, but it contains the following changes:


*	It has been updated to work (only) with OpenCms 7.0.x+
*	All "external" jars that it depends on have been removed from
the actual plugin, and they are loaded dynamically from the configured
OpenCms installation. This has several benefits:

	*	When OpenCms is updated, the plugin does not need
updated just to use the correct versions of the jars.
	*	Custom classes in the OpenCms class directory are used,
allowing, for instance, the plugin to work when the system is configured
to use custom classes or has over-riding versions of core opencms
classes - again, without modifying the plugin.
	*	All databases supported by OpenCms should be
automatically supported by the plugin - again, without modifying the


It will probably take me several hours work to make this ready, and I
will have to make sure I conform to licenses. The bulk of the dynamic
loading code came from the OpenCms Module Developer plugin from Dave
Schoorl @ RedstarDevelopment
and thus this is all dependent on being able legally use and distribute
that code, which I will need to check into.


This plugin is different than the OpenCms Module Deveroper plugin in the
following main ways:

1)       in Eclipse, it is not project based, but rather view based

2)       all the files in the OpenCms system can be edited - not just
those in "/system/modules/module.xxx"

3)       when saved, the actual VFS file is changed - not a local
"eclipse" file which then needs pushed to OpenCms


I have no real desire to have "competing" plugins, but currently they
meet different needs. If point #2 above was addressed by the OpenCms
Module Developer plugin, I personally would probably switch to using
that plugin. And, during development in the environment where I work,
point #3 above is a huge time saver.


If there is enough desire, though, and I can legally distribute this,
then I will clean up the code and make this new version publicly


Please let me know:


1)       if you have a desire for this updated version of the OpenCmsVFS

2)       if you currently use a version of the OpenCmsVFS plugin

a.       if so, which version of OpenCms do you use




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