[opencms-dev] OpenCms-7.0.1-Portlet module has been released

Shi Yusen shiys at langhua.cn
Fri Dec 14 23:26:34 CET 2007

Hi list,

I have just released a OpenCms-7.0.1-Portlet module.

The target of this module is to make OpenCms as a effective portlet
content production platform.

Currently, this module is for OpenCms 7.0.1 and jboss-portal-2.6.2.GA
and has been tested on Fedora Core 6, JDK 1.6.0.

This module is in LGPL license.

1. Import the module and restart OpenCms servlet.

2. In Explorer view of OpenCms backoffice, select New -> Extended folder
-> Portal and create a portal folder.

3. Edit the xml files under the portal folder.

4. Publish the portal folder.

5. In Online project, in context menu, select Export Portlet War and
export a portlet war file to real file system.

6. Copy the war file to jboss portal deploy folder, the portlet will
work automatically.

How this module work:
Client        JBoss Portal        OpenCms
  |------req------>|                 |
  |          OpenCms Portlet         |
  |                |------req------->|
  |                |<-----res--------|
  |<---------------|                 |

Bug Feedback:
If you find any bugs in this module, please feedback to this mail list
or to http://www.langhua.cn/bugzilla/.

You may encounter a problem that you can export this module but cannot
import your version of this module. 
This is caused by the SaxWriter which transfers & to & when writing
the module to manifest.xml. 
Unzip your module, edit manifest.xml, replace &path= with &path=,
save and rezip the module.
You will be able to import your module.

Source Code:
You can download this module and source code from OpenCms-Portlet
project in sourceforge.net:

Thanks Polar Research Institute of China who sponsored the first version
of this module.

Kind Regards,

Shi Yusen/Beijing Langhua Ltd.

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