[opencms-dev] Re ad only, offline servlet for review

Alessio Zurleni azurleni at heptra.com
Thu Dec 13 10:21:11 CET 2007


I think the best way is to give those people temporary access to the
workplace following some rules :

create an Organization Unit and assign resources (folders) that point to
the part of website you wish to give access
create user within the new OU, this user will be given standard
workplace user role. Uncheck the "Self Management" box in user profile.

A new Offline project will be auto generated with the prefix of the new OU
If you want to restrict view of some portions of website, change view
permissions to the "others" group or directly specifying
the group <new OU>/Users.

Try to login with user within the new OU (from login U can choose the
right OU) and check if everything is ok.



bessette wrote:
> We have a requirement for people without OpenCMS accounts to review the
> content in the Offline project in our OpenCMS instance before we publish
> them.  I was thinking of creating a modified OpenCmsServlet that would only
> access the cms_offline* tables using a context path like
> /opencms/offline/...
> Has anyone done something like this?  Are there any parameters that I can
> send to the OpenCmsServlet that will configure it to do this without me
> having to modify the code?
> Thanks,
> Eric

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