[opencms-dev] Opemcms 6.2.3 -- FCKeditor not showing images

Andras Balogh andras at reea.net
Wed Dec 12 11:11:50 CET 2007


Make sure you have a correct IP or hostname in the file 
tag workplace-server.

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Wagner,Aaron wrote:
> Opencms 6.2.3
> Oracle 10
> I have been having an issue with the FCKeditor screen. When I go into 
> the editor mode, the page is shown formatted correctly but the images 
> are only boxes. The boxes are the correct pixel sizes but no images. I 
> can look in ‘source’ mode and see the links are correct. I can preview 
> the page and all is fine. I can even delete the picture off the page 
> and re-add it and none will allow the image to show in the FCKeditor 
> window.
> It’s not really a showstopper, but it shouldn’t be like that.
> Any ideas are appreciated as I should be going live next week.
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