[opencms-dev] Update from OpenCMS 6 to version 7.0.2

Alessio Zurleni azurleni at heptra.com
Wed Dec 12 08:46:07 CET 2007


this is a normal behavior because guests users (and all users who
haven't workplace user role) cannot log into opencms workplace. If you
log as admin you keep admin session for all instances of browser
(especially with firefox). Now the question is, which kind of privileges
your page requires, normally this kind of exceptions arise when you try
to access the workplace space.


Alessio Zurleni

nguyen cong quang wrote:
> hi,
> After updating, i run to the client page as a guest (did not log in as
> Admin to workplace) it display following error:
> Caused by: org.opencms.security.CmsRoleViolationException: The user
> "Guest" does
>  not have access to the required "Workplace user" role.
>         at
> org.opencms.security.CmsRole.createRoleViolationException(CmsRole.jav
> a:358)
>         at org.opencms.db.CmsSecurityManager.checkRole
> (CmsSecurityManager.java:5
> 29)
>         at
> org.opencms.db.CmsSecurityManager.checkRole(CmsSecurityManager.java:5
> 49)
>         at
> org.opencms.security.CmsRoleManager.checkRole(CmsRoleManager.java:98)
>         at
> org.opencms.workplace.CmsWorkplace.checkRole(CmsWorkplace.java:1821)
>         at
> org.opencms.workplace.CmsWorkplace.initWorkplaceMembers(CmsWorkplace.
> java:1920)
> - But if i log in as admin first, and then run the client page
> seperately (not from the workplace), it display Ok
> thanks for reading
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