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Alexander Kandzior alex at opencms.org
Mon Dec 3 06:06:55 CET 2007


7.x has a new concept of "Webusers".

The general idea of webusers is to use the already existing user and group
tables of OpenCms to manage users that are not content editors, but users
required only by the web application, e.g. portal users. 

Any user of 7.x that has no OpenCms role assigned is basically a "web user"
in the sense of 6.x.

With 7.x and the introduction of the OU feature, it is possible to create
one (or multiple) separate OU for the management of such "web users". In
these OU, the users must just not get any OpenCms roles. 

The difference in the user management is that in 6.x, the "web user" was
allowed to create and manage himself, but in 7.x. you need a user context
with Admin permissions to do it. 

To get this, you need to implement the "I_CmsModuleAction" interface. The
"I_CmsModuleAction#initialize(...)" method will be called once OpenCms is
started. Here you are given an OpenCms user context (CmsObject) that has
full "Root Admin" permissions. You need to store this object somehow and use
it later when your application needs it to "remote control" the creation of
the users for the "Web user" OU.

In 7.0.4, we will add a "Web user" OU type. This is just a normal OU where
it's impossible to assign OpenCms roles to the users in the GUI, which is a
security precaution. This is a front end optimization, not really a new

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> Hi to all,
> I've noticed that since 7.x.x there is no way to manage web users and
> all functions (addWebUser) are deprecated. I'm really 
> disappointed and I
> did not find a way to manage webusers like old 6.2.3 version did.
> According to last main branch (7.0.4) there is a new feature allowing 
> webusers only organizational units but it seems not to work (I did not
> succeed in, maybe there is something else to do). Moreover, 
> according to
> last CmsObject class revision ( Date   : $Date: 2007-11-12 
> 13:57:07 $  
> Version: $Revision: 1.156 $ ) the addWebUser function is still
> deprecated and the underneath function (CmsSecurityManager.createUser)
> always requires account manager privileges.
> All I need is to let anonymous user create their account..and I would
> like to accomplish this in a very simple way without hacking the api.
> Regards,
> Alessio
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