[opencms-dev] spring mvc / opencms integration

Andy Thompson arthomps at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 23:52:00 CET 2007

anybody have pointers on how to accomplish this?

currently we have a single web application.  but the view portion of the
application is divided up into springmvc and opencms.  what i'd like to do
is to migrate the jsps currently being used by spring mvc into opencms.  but
i want to continue to use elements that we're currently using

i'm relatively confident that i could put the jsps inside opencms - and then
just point the spring mvc application to where opencms exports it's jsps.
but what i'd really like is to be able to reuse the header/footer templates
inside opencms in my jsps.

Andrew R. Thompson
Currently in N.Y *not* Consulting
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