[opencms-dev] Registering users using Java code ?

Olivier Camus olivier.camus at steria.com
Wed Nov 28 18:10:27 CET 2007

Hi list !

I want to register a user in opencms using java code.

To do that, i ask the user to fill and submit a form.
Then, I checked each filled values.
When it's ok, I want to :

Generate a username (using firstname and lastname) -> this part is ok.
Now, I want to :

Check if the user already exists (How I can do ?)
If it not exists, create it (How I can do ?)
When user is created, I want to create an xmlcontent file where I put
some values coming from my form and giving rights only to Admin and
concerned user ... (How can I do ?)

Other questions :
what is the content of "Map info" in the creatUser() method of CmsObject
class ? what are keys to used with this map ?
Can I use directly
OpenCms.getValidationHandler().checkUserName(username) ? to check if the
user name exists ?

Sorry but I am lost when I use the OpenCms Javadoc. 
I feel it is not enought exhaustive for me ...


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